March 21, 2019

Essential Camera update adds 360-degree Tiny Planet mode and ‘flash’ for front-facing camera

Essential has been steadily instilling more and more features into the PH-1, many of which have concerned the camera. Most recently, the Essential Camera app has seen autoHDR and 360-degree live-streaming added. Today Essential announced via Twitter that Tiny Planet mode and “flash” for the front-facing camera (read: white burst from the screen) are bundled in the latest Essential Camera update.

Check out all the Land Cruisers in the background!

Tiny Planet mode is what you see above; it essentially (pun not intended) creates a “tiny planet” with you in the center. You’ll be able to look at all of your 360-degree photos and videos as Tiny Planets with the tap of a button, and you can edit and share them as well. You can also save stills from Tiny Planet videos. And as several phones without physical front-facing flashes do, the “selfie flash” feature simply lights up the screen with a sea of white while a photo is being taken for the illusion of a flash.

Here’s the full changelog for your perusal:


  • Introducing a new mode: Tiny Planet (Beta)
  • View all your 360 photos and videos as Tiny Planets with just a tap
  • Edit, save and share your 360 photos and videos as Tiny Planet right from in the Essential Camera app
  • Capture still images from your Tiny Planet videos
  • Selfie flash: Screen illuminates when taking a picture with the front camera in low light
  • Stability fixes

The update is already live on the Play Store as version PH-1 owners, let us know how you find the new camera additions.


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