Get TalkTalk broadband for only £17 per month – the UK’s cheapest internet deal

TalkTalk has jumped into its time machine and headed all the way back to…2016. Not very adventurous, we know, but you should still be excited. Because it means that the internet provider is offering its cheapest broadband deals at a price it hasn’t offered for the last couple of years.

You can now sign up for a TalkTalk broadband plan for a mere £17 per month. That’s a quite exceptional price, saving a few quid a month on any other internet provider at the moment. And there’s not even anything to pay upfront, either.

Sound good? Then we have more details about this TalkTalk broadband deal below, including information about add-ons and upgrades to fibre. It’s available until Wednesday March 28. Underneath that, we’ll tell you about the next best cheap broadband only deals on the market, if only so you can see just how good this TalkTalk price is.

TalkTalk’s super cheap broadband deal

TalkTalk Fast Broadband | 12 months | Up to 17Mb | Line rental inc. | FREE set-up | £17 per month
£17 per month and free activation internet – possibly one of the only good things that came out of 2016. And it’s unlimited, so you get to surf and download as much as you wish each month. The term is only 12 months, so you won’t be tied into a ridiculously long contract. And TalkTalk guarantees the price, so there’ll be no nasty hikes halfway through. Total cost of 12 months £204View Deal

You can pay £25 extra if you want Freeview TV channels and a set-top box letting you pause, rewind and record live television. While TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre is a very competitive £22.50pm – just not quite as good as the £20pm Vodafone is offering right now

Best broadband deals from other providers

TalkTalk was cheap anyway, but now it properly undercuts the opposition. We haven’t seen sub-£18 monthly bills from any provider for a while now, so this is a really welcome deal. Here’s how the cheapest standard broadband deals from other providers are shaping up at the moment:

Existing TalkTalk broadband customers

If you’re half way through your contract with TalkTalk and are rubbing your hands at the thought of reduced bills for the next six month, then we have some bad news – this £17pm offer is available to new customers only. So that also means you’re out of luck if you’ve previously been with TalkTalk and want to head on back.

If you’re looking for a new broadband deal but are exempt from this TalkTalk deal, then TechRadar is still here to help you find the best price. Whether it be super fast fibre broadband, broadband and TV, or any other broadband package deal, our price comparison tools will help you pay the least for your internet.

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