Best movies on Amazon Prime (March 2018): 100 films to stream on Prime Video

Welcome to our constantly updated list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video UK. Here at TechRadar we don’t do things by half. Throughout this gallery you’ll find 100 movies that are now available to stream on Amazon Video – the movies and TV streaming section of Amazon Prime

[Update: We’ve stocked up our top 100 list with some sci-fi classics that have returned to the streaming library, like Super 8. After something new? More recently-released picks to check out include The Big Sick and Borg vs McEnroe].

If you’re not careful, services like Netflix and Amazon Video can turn a movie-watching hobby into hours of flicking through films. And as many of us know, for every solid gold film on Amazon Video, there are a half-dozen dollops of B-movie trash. 

Of course, we love the odd B-feature, but in this list you’ll only find brilliant, award-worthy picks. So let’s dive straight in. 

There are a few gems on here that have only just come off of their cinema run and are already ready to stream. Couple this with a brilliant array of stone-cold classics and you have an impressive and varied list of films.

It’s great to see Amazon embrace movies in this way, so dive in and we hope you find something you like!

And if you don’t, then maybe our Best Amazon TV shows list is for you.

Thinking of switching from Amazon Prime to Netflix? Watch our comparison video below. 

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