Chaos On Deponia Review | GameGrin

Blake Hawthorn from GameGrin writes, “Chaos On Deponia is a point and click adventure game, with a story that takes you on a wild adventure in the hopes of finding a girl Rufus likes. If you think this is a good plot point then we have different opinions, while the story may be fun, the whole premise of saving a damsel in distress is just so worn out and overplayed. Rufus has to travel to Elysium to go back to see his friends that he met on his last visit, who have been kidnapped, and must be saved. The story only took me about 10-15 hours to complete, the story was very entertaining although there were also some down points as well. The humour was very hit and miss, with some jokes making me smile while others made me cringe. The writing here was pretty good and well written overall, the story takes some turns that I really wasn’t expecting.”

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