ESRB Loot Box Labeling Doesn’t Solve the Problem

_-EDMIX-_2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Except ESRBs job is to not tell Developers or publishers about what content they could have in their game ,simply the rating.

Trust me ESRB is never going to be the entity that somehow does something about loot boxes because their job is to not govern what’s going on in gaming it is simply to label the games in regards content.

I think labeling loot boxes are microtransactions is the right step as it allows parents to know what’s going on in their children’s games.

I actually think some of you guys are getting angry at this company for something they can’t even control in the first place is not saying they’re okay with loot boxes simply that they can’t actually tell a developer what to do.

Labeling them is the right step for this specific company it does not mean that is the only solution for loot box as in all of gaming, as I just think it’s a little bit ridiculous to try to believe this is going to come down to a single company.

This is likely going to come down to customers pressuring Publishers even governments in regards to legislation in a bunch of other things.

I think people are just mad because of how their labeling microtransactions in regards to post launch content but to be quite honest the broad term of microtransaction or post-launch concept applies to so many things that it does not just exclusively loot boxes you would have to consider you could just call it something else and it’s still doing the same exact thing, imagine if Electronic Arts doesn’t call it loot box or Loot Crate.. it just calls it something else it doesn’t really change what’s being done it’s actually why the term microtransaction or post-launch content is more fitting.

So the second they start using the exact term loot box watch Activision Ubisoft Electronic Arts and many others simply just start changing how they are classifying the content….

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