Hands-On Preview: The First Few Hours of Far Cry 5 | AusGamers

AusGamers recently went hands-on with Far Cry 5 and writes:

“What the above means is, Ubisoft has realised — in a sense — less is more. And by less, I mean less hand-holding. There are familiar pillars here, but they’re good pillars. Vaas is still a much-loved villain in the series proper. And he exists here in Far Cry 5 through Joseph Seed — the narrative delivery of the game isn’t any less impactful based on a bigger emphasis on player-freedom, it’s just abundantly clear Ubisoft has worked out that the big-bad is the reason we play the game at all. How we go after them; what tools, weapons, ideas and resources at our disposal we play with, to get the job done, is the meat of the experience. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

While Vaas was a straight-up crazy kind of cat, Joseph Seed is on another plane. He’s the Boyd Crowder of this here lil’ ditty, to continue the Justified references, but there’s no real good in him. He’s an integral part of that intro to the game, too. It’s powerful and he emerges a powerful man. A true big-bad. And while it’s quick, the game has set-piece reminders for you all over the place as to the level of his influence. This is a free part of the country, after all. It’s sort of written into the Declaration of Independence in real-life and this Canadian-developed bit of storytelling never lets you forget that — an art imitates life kind of thing.

And how you’re here and just how crazy this whole situation is… well, it has a vein of truth to it all, is all I’m saying.”

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