Overwatch Skins: See All Of Brigitte’s New Looks

The newest Overwatch hero, Brigitte, is available now on the game’s Public Test Realm. And so are a lot of different skins.

In this gallery we’re rounding up all the Brigitte skins we’ve seen so far. As you’ll see Brigitte has Classic, Engineer, Carbon Fiber, and other skins available. They all seem to retain Brigitte’s same basic look but you’ll see that the skins give her outfit new colors and change the look of her weapon. One of the skins puts spinning gears on the middle of her shield. At least one of the skins also puts cosmetic equipment on her, including welding goggles and a tool pouch that goes on her belt.

Click through the gallery to see all of the Brigitte skins we’ve seen so far.

Brigitte is a Support-class hero who can heal and provide armor to her allies, hit multiple enemies at once with her flail, and equip a shield. With the use of her Shield Bash ability, she’s able to do some notable things, like stun Reinhardt through his shield, stop Reinhardt’s Charge, and stun Torbjörn’s sentry.

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