Rumor: PlayStation 5 is on the way, dev kits have already been shipped

Xenophon_York1h ago

If third-party developers received kits a couple of months ago then official Sony studios have likely had early kit units for at least six months. Also, the article is a little bit off on some of the numbers (see below). For example, it was only five years and three months between the PlayStation 1 and the PlayStation 2 launches.

PlayStation Announced: 1993?
Revealed: ?
Launched: December 1994

PlayStation 2 Announced: February* 1999
Revealed: E3 May 1999
Launched: March 2000

PlayStation 3 Announced: E3 2005
Revealed: E3 May 2006
Launched: November 2006

PlayStation 4 Announced: ?
Revealed: February 2013
Launched: November 2013

PlayStation 5 Announced: ?
Revealed: May 2020**
Launched: November 2020**

PS->5.25->PS2->6.75- >PS3->7->PS4

* Approximately

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