Why PSVR Needs to Officially Join The PlayStation Plus Lineup

This week’s episode, hosts joseph and Kyle talk about Horizon Zero Dawn’s one year later. The next rumored Battlefield will be set in World War 2, should games tackle real like events like the holocaust? Detroit Becoming Human, release date announced, has the game been tainted by harassment issues? Bloodborne’s the free game of March, there’s no reason to miss this game any longer. Should Sony officially Add PSVR to their PlayStation Plus Lineup? Lastly, the gang gives their thoughts on Moss and whether it’s truly the best PSVR has to offer.
Shelf Promotion INTRO! – 00:00 – 1:45
Moss VR talk: 1:45 – 11:50
Monster Hunter World the Best Selling Capcom game! 11:50 – 16:28
Horizon Zero Dawn Selling like crazy 16:28 – 20:20
SIE (PlayStation) to focus on First Party games 20:20 – 26:10
Battlefield 5, WW2, and how to handle the horrors of war 26:10 – 35:56
PlayStation Plus Lineup! BLOODBORNE! 44:32 – 49:56
IF I WAS SHU!?… Why PSVR Needs to Officially Join The PlayStation Plus Lineup 49:56
What we’VR into, Bravo Team! 55:25 – 1:00:00
New Overwatch’s newest character 1:00:10 – 1:03:44
David Jaffe’s studio shutters and Xbox’s Red Wedding 1:03:45 – fin

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