Xbox One X Has Advantages In Other Areas That Make Up For PS4 PRO’s 2X16 Bit Ops: Surviving Mars Dev

theXtReMe17h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I can turn that around on you and say “What’s the point of these added features, if only first parties are going to take advantage of them?”. It was the same with the PS3 and the cell. Features are only beneficial if developers can easily take advantage of them. Because if they can’t, they will generally take the path of least resistance to get them where they need to be performance-wise. The same could be said of the Xbox One and S’s eDRAM.

2×16 is only useful for basic functions, that don’t require the precision that 32bit provides. While it can be very useful in theory, implementing it takes extra work that many developers will choose to forgo.

The only special features that ever get used are those developers have no choice over implementing. If they are forced to, they make do and make the best out of it. If they have a choice, once again they will always choose that path that gets them there the easiest, fastest and cheapest.

This isn’t a knock on any company or system. Just a fact in game development. Each system has their strengths and weaknesses, which I don’t need to reiterate… as they are argued here on these pages every day, in near every article.

As I always say… play games, not systems. Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo could care less about your allegiance… they only care about that green paper sitting in your wallet. There is no reason to argue over specs, because 99% of the games you play are the same across platforms… with a few more or less pixels.

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