April 21, 2019

[Yes!] Chrome lets you export your saved logins as .csv to easily import into your favorite password manager

Whether on desktop or mobile, Chrome always offers to save your logins and passwords so it can easily autofill your details the next time you need to log in. In a way, if you accept that pop-up, Chrome (and thus Google) become your password manager. However, what happens if you want to use another password manager app? Migration can be a bit tough and not-so-straightforward and that’s why Chrome is now offering an export function.

The option has been in the works in the Chromium gerrit, and is now available in Chrome Dev on the desktop (which probably means ChromeOS and the regular browser). When you go to your Manage passwords section in settings, you should see a new overflow menu next to Saved Passwords. Tapping it unveils the option to export passwords as a .csv file. Many third-party password managers support importing login details as a .csv so this should make data migration a very easy thing and get you going with your new password manager in no time.

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