No Man’s Sky Will Finally Stand Tall Above Its Critics

Apocalypse Shadow9h ago

I’m glad they’re fixing what was clearly broken at launch. But it won’t change the initial impression of the game when I bought it. And the CLEAR misleading videos sean was showing and playing at shows like when I went to the first PSX in las vegas.

I never deleted the game from the hard drive but every time I booted up the game after an update, I just didn’t feel like playing the game anymore. And for a scifi, space fan like myself who likes exploration just as much as dog fighting, it sucks not enjoying their effort to try and make it better.

I’m already looking more forward to Everspace. Because I like colony wars, wing commander style of games too. But that first impression killed it. There are many indie developers that leave good impressions with being a small team. Hello Games had me with Joe Danger. But lost me with no man’s sky.

One day I may go back to play it. Or, if they added something like vr to the PS4 version. Until then, I got other games to play. And this is from a critic who BOUGHT it with non working portals and everything else that was missing. Should have been early access or the community told that updates would bring the missing components down the line. But they hid from the media like cowards. Which also left a bad taste.

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