The Expanse May Not Be Dead After All, Thanks To Amazon

Less than two weeks have passed since Syfy pulled the plug on The Expanse and the series looks to already be rising from the dead–making it the second such canceled series this season. Syfy previously announced that the show’s third season, which is currently airing, would be its last. Now it may be Amazon to the rescue.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon is in talks to bring the series to its Prime Video streaming service. THR notes that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a fan of the books The Expanse is based on and was not happy when the TV adaptation went to Syfy.

Though an agreement to move the show to Amazon Prime Video is not finalized, a Twitter account associated with the show’s writers rooms has confirmed that talks are ongoing. “We’re excited, but the deal’s not closed…we’re not quite through the woods yet,” the account writes in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Keep up the fight Expansers & watch this [week’s] episode LIVE with us on SyFy. [W]e’ll be dancing in the streets right along with you as soon as we get anything official.”

Should it be saved, The Expanse wouldn’t be the only show revived by another entity after cancellation this year. Days after Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, NBC announced it would revive the series. According to TVLine, Nine-Nine will return in 2019 for a 13-episode Season 6.

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