Hitman 2 Going in a Non-Episodic Direction is a Huge Disappointment

USGamer: “Here’s to hoping the post-launch content is just as rich, if not better than season one’s.

Hitman: Season 1 is arguably one of the best uses of an episodic structure, because it never waited too long in between episodes and peppered in limited time “Elusive Targets” and other challenges to keep you interested and coming back too. In an era of games as services, Hitman: Season 1 was one of the rare examples of keeping players engaged in a healthy, exciting way, and it’s why every episode felt exciting to explore even for your tenth time. (Minus the lackluster Colorado episode.)

Thus, learning that Hitman 2 won’t be adopting the same structure is a big disappointment. From a business perspective, it’s probably the smarter deal—and I’m sure there are fans out there happy about this change. But as someone who considers Hitman one of the best games of 2016, I’m worried that cramming everything Hitman 2 has to offer in one single release might hinder it. It’s easy to burn out on a game like Hitman, and with all the content being available at launch, it might be a bit too much for the assassin. It’s being turned into a binge game now, rather than one to be carefully savored with each bite.”

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