The BlackBerry Key2 has me unreasonably excited for a physical keyboard

After weeks of teasers and leaks, TCL’s Blackberry Key2 is finally official. If you have dearly missed a physical keyboard this is obviously the phone for you.

But even if you’ve never cared about a clicky keys, the Key2 is compelling in just how different it is from the competition. It’s unique combination of features is making me reconsider my definition of a ‘powerful’ phone.

The keyboard obviously means the BlackBery Key2 isn’t your typical flagship. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel premium. It features a metal frame that feels about as solid as any Apple or Samsung device, but the back has a grippy soft touch finish. This feels more luxurious – and much less fragile – than the trendy glass backs on so many devices (especially those without wireless charging).

For those upgrading from the KeyOne, the improved materials make it feel more like a high-end device. And the new keyboard is great; it’s now 20 percent larger without increasing the device’s frame. It feels nice and clicky like the best BlackBerry’s of old. Also, the power button is now on the right side of the device – where it should be.