The Pixel 3 XL may have just leaked with a notch and glass back. Let’s discuss.

By this point, it seems pretty clear the Pixel 3 XL will include a notch. Android P includes native support for notches, a leaked screen protector shows a cutout at the top of display, and a Bloomberg report practically confirms it.

Now we’re getting what appears to be the first look at the device itself, courtesy of a post on by meraz9000 on XDA.

Here’s the front:

And here’s the back:

I’m conflicted.

A necessary disclaimer: this is an uncomfirmed leak of a prototype. For all we know, this could be one of several test designs, and the device could change between now and its expected announcement in the fall.

But I’ve also covered tech long enough to know these early leaks come to fruition perhaps more often than not, and it perfectly matches prior leaks.

First things first, the notch. It’s there, and I expect it to stick. But it looks kind of… chunky.

Most other Android phones have a short notch that’s easy to hide in software – on the OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20, it’s hardly taller than the status bar – it becomes practically invisible when hidden in the software. The tall notch will probably mean an expanded status bar – like on the Essential phone – and an unfortunate waste of precious space.