2017 Jaguar F-Pace Long-Term Update 6: Auto Stop/Start/Restart Part 2

When we last left our hero, it was beleaguered by intermittent ignition issues related to the auto stop/start system. After he figured out how to consistently replicate the problems (no small feat), fleet master Ayapana scheduled a service visit at our local Jaguar service center (Hornburg of Santa Monica, California). The timing was fortuitous—our F-Pace was also due for its first service interval at 16,000 miles.

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“Hornburg’s service center is one of the busiest service drives I’ve seen (because it services Jaguars and Land Rovers), but was well staffed and efficient,” noted Ayapana. “Service advisor Nick was great and provided me daily updates via text.”

Frequent updates were necessary as it took eight days to fully service the F-Pace, approximately four of which were devoted to waiting for parts to arrive.

So what was the stop/start issue? According to Nick, there were two separate issues: having to push the ignition button at least two times before the car would start was apparently caused by a faulty instrument pack. Because this pack is integrated in the instrument panel, the whole thing was replaced. The stop-fail-to-restart issue was caused by a faulty stop lamp switch, which was also replaced.

Along with addressing our complaints, this service visit upgraded the F-Pace’s InControl Touch Pro (ICTP) entertainment system to the latest version (JPLA-19C204-EA), which is supposed to be the quickest and most responsive yet. Our Jag also apparently received a 99-point inspection, 7 quarts of Castrol Edge 0W 20 motor oil, and new oil and particulate filters. Perhaps as part of the inspection, it was determined that our tie rods needed resealing, so that was taken care of, as well.

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