Game Sequels That Fell Short Of The Original

There can be a lot of pressure involved in trying to release a follow up to a much-loved game. When making a sequel, oftentimes creators have to follow the vague mantra of “bigger and better”–but as it turns out, that’s not always the way to find success. Over the years, there have been many game sequels that managed to let fans down, leaving us all to wonder what went wrong.

No developer is immune from missing the mark, unfortunately. With the likes of Blizzard, EA, Capcom, Sega, and even Nintendo releasing games that didn’t quite land the way we wanted, not every game in a series can be a winner. But in some cases, those missteps would eventually lead to other entries that not only surpassed the previous game, but also allowed the series to grow in ways that fans least expect.

In this feature, GameSpot dug deep and picked some titles which we believe were some of gaming’s more notable stumbles when trying to make a worthy sequel. Whether it was ambition going beyond the developer’s means, or an ill-advised vision that drastically changed from what worked before, some sequels just weren’t able to rekindle the magic that the original title had. We’ve chosen a few games for this list, and broke down exactly why we think they didn’t quite live up to their predecessors. While not all of these games are total flops, these particular games lacked a certain something that’s noticeable when placed next to its predecessor.

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