I tested this kid-friendly phone to see if it could protect me from pervs

Being a kid in today’s world is tough. When I had a rough time at school, it generally stayed there. Yeah, there were chatrooms, forums, and things like MSN Messenger, but the lack of social media and smartphones meant it was hard for assholes to interact with you online. Now, with smartphones everywhere, there’s no hiding from bullies.

This is what Russ Whitlock, the creator of the PhoneCloud PX1 set out to solve.

In a nutshell, the PhoneCloud PX1 is a mobile phone designed to be safe for youngsters. Whitlock, who describes himself as on a “personal mission to help children,” was driven to make after his own kid was bullied.

It’s a noble desire and one I can get behind, even if controlling what your child can see on their smartphone seems nigh-on impossible. I mean, with all the weirdos, assholes, and dickheads out there, how can we know if the PX1 can protect an impressionable youth?

This left me with one – and only one – choice: I had to see if this phone could protect me from pervs. In this case, myself.

Okay, but before you do that, how does the phone work?

Thanks for asking. The PX1 runs Android 7.0 (Nougat) and is blanketed in the PhoneCloud software, which is designed to protect the child using it. Out of the box, the PX1 claims to block inappropriate websites, filter out profanity in messages, stop rude images, and by default block app installs unless allowed by the parent or carer.

The really cool part though comes with a subscription to PhoneCloud. For £5 a month (approximately $6.60), the parent/carer (referred to now on as The Overseer for ease) gets access to an online control panel, which gives a real-time view of what the child (referred to now as The Youngling) phone is up to.