Nintendo Aiming to Improve Switch Online Service to Make it “Worth Paying For”

Taz X141h ago

@ 3-4-5
I don’t care about the price, but paying for something that I don’t use often for nothing more than access to online games is not something I’m willing to do. At the moment, the only online games I have are splatoon and mario kart, the former being the only one I play online at all really, and I don’t see myself coughing up an additional $20 just to play that game online.

Services like PSN+ and LIVE still hold online multiplayer hostage behind a paywall and I’m not condoning it, but at the same time I do play quite a few multiplayer games on those consoles as well as receive games that I’ll actually play from them (as well as constant discounts which Nintendo are notorious for). While it’d be nice to have some older games to throw on every now and then, until I see serious support from Nintendo and them going in the right direction, I’m not supporting their online regardless of cost.

Finally, the idea that they’ll update everything right before releasing paid subscriptions is a terrible way to look at it. Services like this require constant attention and updates from said company, and until now Nintendo hasn’t shown they’re willing to do this. You may say, but with the cash they will, but from the effort they’ve shown thus far why should anyone fork over cash for unjustified promises?

Sony put their best foot forward way back on PS3 with the introduction of psn+ and has at the very least attempted to keep a level of satisfaction with it until now. LIVE was the first service which started to wane as 360 got a bit older and people began complaining about the comparisons to PSN+ (Which prompted them to improve). Nintendo’s idea seems to be we can milk our fans by providing a discounted bargain bin version of the others, charge for what we’ve already been providing, and give just the bare minimum to keep the true blues satisfied.

In the age of customer satisfaction and company reputation, Nintendo seems to be taking all the wrongs steps with this service…

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