The Best Xbox One Console Exclusive Games

The Xbox One launched in November 2013 and Microsoft has managed to secure a fair amount of quality exclusives for the console. With games like Halo 5: Guardians, Cuphead, and Forza Motorsport 7, the console offers a wide variety of fantastic experiences you can only get on Xbox, as well as PC thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program. And thanks to the Xbox One X, the Xbox One family features the most powerful console on the market.

Microsoft has been criticized often for its lack of exclusives, which Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged in the past, saying “We need to grow, and I look forward to doing that. Our ability to go create content has to be one of our strengths. We haven’t always invested at the same level. We’ve gone through ups and downs in the investment.”

He commented further: “That meant we had to stop doing some other things in order to create room for that. And that’s just kind of the nature of running a business,” Spencer said. “One of the things that I wanted to do when I came into this job … one of the things was our first-party and how I thought about needing to–this is an unfair word, but I’ll say ‘rework’ our first-party. Regretfully, that meant certain things that we were doing, I thought we needed to do something different. It meant getting back to what I think is a core and building from that.” However, Microsoft recently took action at E3 2018, announcing it has acquired or established five new studios to work under the Microsoft Studios umbrella.

While Microsoft might be looking to improve its first-party output, Xbox One does have a lot of quality games you won’t find on any other console. Click ahead to view GameSpot’s highest-rated Xbox One exclusives since the console’s launch. The titles listed here are in alphabetical order and in no way reflects our own personal editor rankings of each game. The list only includes games we’ve awarded an 8/10 or higher. In addition, we’ve limited the feature based on console exclusivity, so you’ll see a few games in this gallery that are also available on PC; remasters are all fair game too.

While the Xbox One is home to a variety of awesome exclusive games, you can also play a wealth of past-generation exclusives thanks to the console’s backwards compatibility feature. A few notable standouts are Crackdown, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. But if you’re curious what other Xbox and Xbox 360 exclusive games you can play on Xbox One, be sure to check out our feature detailing the 36 best backwards compatible games.

What are some of your favorite Xbox One exclusives? Doesn’t matter if they’re critically acclaimed or super underrated. Let us know about them in the comments below. Be sure to check out our lists of the best Nintendo Switch console exclusives and PS4 console exclusives as well.

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