Vivo’s powerful NEX phone is more than just a pretty bezel-less face

Back in February, when we were still recovering from the barrage of Android devices that had a notch cut out of their displays similar to the iPhone X, Vivo blew people’s minds with its Apex concept phone, which featured a truly bezel-less display.

The company had figured out a way to hide sensors, the earpiece, and even the selfie camera with a bunch of innovations that we’d never seen before. Last month, it brought that concept to life with the launch of the NEX.

It’s a remarkable achievement, and Vivo’s done a great job realizing most of the ideas behind its revolutionary new device. I spent the past few weeks living with the NEX to see if it’s worth owning for more than just its ‘wow’ factor.


The NEX is a humongous phone, with a 6.59-inch screen housed in a metal frame and a specially treated glass back. It’s taller than the OnePlus 6 by a bit, just a little bit thicker, and a whole lot heavier. At 199g, it’s heavier than pretty much every other flagship from the past year, and you’ll certainly be able to tell the difference when you hold it.

There’s nothing to look at on the front, of course. But flip the NEX over, and you’ll find a dark glass back that beautifully reveals a rainbow of colors when it catches the light at certain angles. There’s also a bold red colorway if that’s more your speed.

The glass back of the NEX beautifully catches light, but also picks up fingerprints