Xbox Has Positioned Itself Brilliantly, Now It’s All About The Execution

darthv724h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Maybe you misunderstood what i said. so let me rephrase. There are just some games that are expected. ones that are constantly being released on a regular basis that you may consider them relied upon (or others say milked) but they are improved with each release to help keep them in the flow of things.

That is how it’s done with Mario, Master Chief, Kratos… etc. I’m not saying that they ONLY rely on those but those games are expected and as such should not be condemned because they are regular arrivals. Yes sony has a slew of new IP’s and some go on to get additional releases and others dont. But to think MS does not have more than just the ones they rely on is a fallacy.

Like i said… I wish MS was smart like Sony and were able to see when the time is right to bring something back that has been dormant for a while. Sony has its regular games they too rely on but thankfully they also have the means to allow for its developers to further their own creativity and do something different now and then. Like GG putting killzone on a break while they make HZD or Sucker Punch to take a break from Infamous to make GoT.

We can assume that some of the MS studios are going to be taking a break from what they are known for and being given the chance to do something different. Particularly Playground games.

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