December 2, 2021

Google Go website dictation launches today, powered by AI

At Google’s event in New Delhi, the company announced that it was launching website dictation for Google Go. We first heard about this during the Nigeria event a month ago, where the feature was said to arrive “in the coming weeks.” Looks like we’ve hit that ever-so-helpful marker.

Google Go is aiming to make web browsing more convenient in its target markets. AI will be determining what to read and what to skip, only giving you the important bits, all in 28 languages and over 2G connections (using minimal cell data to boot).

Each word is highlighted as it’s read, which is great for people learning a new language. Google also points out that it’s looking for additional ways to add this to other products in the future, meaning we could see this in the regular Google app. I’d be down for that.

Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search
Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search

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