The futuristic Naked 3D fitness tracker creates a model of your naked body

The future’s weird. Just when you’re disappointed with the lack of Star Trek-style replicators (come on, scientists), something unexpectedly badass rears its head. You know, like the Naked 3D fitness tracker.

Marketed as the world’s first home body scanner, the device comes in two main parts. The first is a rotating scale you stand on and the other is a mirror. Together, the pair of devices creates a three-dimensional model of your body, measures your weight, and monitors your fat percentage. The aim? To help you get in shape.

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Don’t get your hopes up.

Check out a (somewhat cheesy) video of it in action here:

[embedded content]

Often, these sort of projects are a bit pie-in-the-sky – full of potential, but often failing before they hit the market. But the Naked 3D fitness tracker looks like it’s going to be different.

Why? Because Naked announced today that its received $14M in Series A funding led by Founders Fund. This will be used to expand the company’s team and support manufacturing. Following this news, the company has stated the Naked 3D fitness trackers will begin shipping to backers in Autumn.

Using the device looks simple. You stand on the aforementioned scale, which rotates you like a figurine from a music box in front of the body-scanning mirror. All this information is then transferred to an app on your phone, which displays a 3D model.

It’ll look like this: