25 Fantastic Games From PAX West That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

As one of the biggest gaming conventions on the west coast, PAX West has remained a popular destination for developers to get their next big titles in front of their audience, and for fans to discover something new brand new. With indies and AAA titles out in full force, there were a lot of games to check out at private events and on the show floor.

After spending some time whittling down our picks, we drafted our selection of some of PAX West 2018’s most noteworthy games. While some of these titles are quite well known, there are many others that were just recently revealed to the public, allowing us the opportunity to get first hands-on with the games. In addition to being among the first to play Streets of Rage 4 and Windjammers 2, we also got a detailed look of the upcoming Torchlight Frontiers, which will be a big change for the action-RPG series.

In addition to those games, we also saw a number of other games that possess an incredible amount of creativity and personality, which goes a long way in the eyes of passionate gamers. Along with Lab Zero Games’ action-RPG Indivisible, Devolver Digital’s Gato Roboto, and the chilling World of Horror, the indie scene is looking very exciting. Here are 24 games that stood out the most to us at PAX West 2018.

For more info on PAX West and the other games coming later this year and in early 2019, check out our impressions of Streets of Rage 4, Life is Strange 2, and along with our bizarre, yet fun interview with SUDA51 regarding the upcoming Killer7 Remaster.

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