LG will announce its 5-camera V40 on October 3

LG sent out invites to its next launch event on October 3, and it makes no secret of what’s to come: The V40 ThinQ is on the way.

There’s little in the way of details, but the invite cryptically says ‘Take 5,” which suggests that the V40 will indeed come with five cameras as previously rumored.

To be clear, that’s three on the rear and two on the front. While it may seem like LG is just following a trend of adding more cameras, its worth noting the company was actually one of the first to adopt a multi-camera setup way back with 2015’s V10.

In fact, that phone was the first to use two selfie cameras before it decided its efforts were better spent on the rear. LG has since only used one front-facing camera, but it seems it’s now returning to its roots.