Logitech’s MX Ergo almost convinced me to switch to a trackball mouse

Using a trackball mouse in 2018 might seem as anachronistic as buying a zip drive or answering machine, but unlike those things, trackballs have some diehard fans. Some think they’re superior to traditional mice for design work, some use them for comfort reasons, and others just think balls are fun. I’ve been using Logitech’s latest trackball mouse, the MX Ergo for the past month – it nearly convinced me to make the switch myself.

Like the even-more-recent MX Vertical, the Ergo’s main selling point is it’s ergonomic design. It includes an adjustable plate that lets you use the trackball flat against your desk or titled into a semi-vertical position. While I’ve never felt uncomfortable using a regular mouse, the upright position on the Ergo does feel more comfortable, and I can see how the stationary trackball setup could reduce strain to your arm or wrist.