Washington Post | Finally, Sony’s ‘Spider-Man’ is the game Marvel cinematic fans deserve

FallenAngel19843h ago

“By freeing developer Insomniac Games to build its own game universe”

Insomniac never said they were making an expansive universe and Sony never revealed they got licenses for other Marvel superhero games. As far as we know Insomniac will only work on this as a singular franchise, which makes the most sense since if they were to make a game universe, that kind of effort would mean they’d have to set aside any future original projects of their own and we know that ain’t happening.

“It wasn’t until 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum that the video game developers had a playbook for creating a critically and commercially successful superhero game.”

There were plenty of great successful superhero games before that title.

“But despite all of Marvel’s recent box-office success, there hasn’t been a single Marvel-related game that aspires to make us feel as heroic.”

That just shows how out of touch you are with the industry to not be able to name a single quality Marvel related title.

“It’s ironic that until Insomniac’s creation today, no other Spidey title could lay claim to being objectively better than the 14-year-old “Spider-Man 2” game that was tied to the film.”

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had quality Spider-Man games since 2004.

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