Fortnite Week 4 Challenge Guide: Dance On Clock Tower, Pink Tree, Porcelain Throne Location (Season 6)

One of Fortnite‘s challenges for Season 6, Week 4 involves getting your dance on while being on top of a Clock Tower. By doing this you’ll earn yourself some experience but, more importantly, you’ll get the Battle Stars needed to level up your Battle Pass and get those sweet, sweet cosmetics. To do this specific challenge, you’ll actually need to own a Battle Pass, as it’s exclusive to those players that do. As it stands, we’re only aware of one Clock Tower, so here’s where you’ll need to go to find it and what to do to ensure you’ve completed the challenge.

The Clock Tower in question can be found at Tilted Towers. If you’re flying in, get your glider out and it’s very easy to spot in the southwestern corner. Of course, you’ll need to aim for the very top of it, but if you flub the landing and end up at the bottom, you can always build your way there. One thing to note is that the roof of the clock tower can be destroyed, which makes it considerably easier to land in, but planting yourself on top of a non-busted clock tower isn’t difficult either. Once you’re in or on the clock tower, bring up your emote wheel and bust some moves.

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Once that’s done you’ll need to dance on top of a Pink Tree. You’ll find one of these at the centre of Lucky Landing. The strategy is the same here: land on top of it, and do a little jig. Sadly, you might find that people are trying to–or already have–cut down the tree, in which case you’ll need to quit out and jump into another match to try again.

For the third part of this challenge head to Flush Factory, where you’ll have to dance on top of a Porcelain Throne. If you hadn’t figured it out, that’s a fancy way of saying “toilet.” Once that done, you should be finished. Just keep an eye out for the pop-up that confirms that the challenge has been completed. You can see all three locations in the images above.

The other difficult challenge for the week asks players to go to five shooting galleries and score three points at each one. There’s a bunch of shooting galleries scattered around the island, but if you’re not familiar with their locations you may end up running around aimlessly. We’ve put together a map of exactly where you need to go to find the targets in our Shooting Gallery location guide.

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