Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL bring polished hardware and software

I went through some déjà vu at today’s Pixel event. Like last year, a myriad of leaks revealed almost everything about the Pixel’s hardware, lowering my expectations of what Google could pull off. But also like last year, the device looked better in person, and a few clever software features meant I left the event more excited than I thought I’d be given how much we knew about the device beforehand.

Note: We covered the device’s specs and features extensively in our announcement post. This hands-on will focus primarily on my thoughts and impressions after using the device for a few minutes.

The Pixel 3 is a good-looking phone. While the move to a glass back for wireless charging will be somewhat divisive, I like how Google implemented its two-tone look using different glass textures on the back; the top of the device is glossy while most of the back is covered in a slightly more grippy matte finish. This matte portion also has the practical benefit of concealing fingerprints.