Microsoft’s new Surface Pro, Laptop, and Studio add specs but little more

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft announced a whole bunch of products today. I got the chance to go hands-on with the devices, and though I’m actually most interested in the new Surface Headphones, here’s what you need to know about the new Surface Pro, Laptop and Studio.

Long story short, this year was little more than a spec bump. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but don’t expect major changes outside performance.

The biggest aesthetic change is the new black paint job on the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2. It’s the first time you can buy a Surface product in black since the Surface Pro 2, so that’s neat. I dig the new color, and it has stealthy matte finish that seems to make the body a touch more grippy than the silver models.

One thing you won’t see on the bodies of the new Pro and Laptop is a USB-C port…. Really Microsoft? It’s almost 2019.

Time for a little rant.

I know USB-C isn’t essential to everyone. Plenty of people are happy just using USB-A. But its omission on what’s supposed to be a premium, forward-looking computer sends the message Microsoft doesn’t care much about building a computer that’s meant to last. After all, people tend to keep their PCs for three to five years, and USB-C is only going to become more common.

It’s all the more confusing because the company already included it in the Surface Book 2 (which came out a year ago, mind you) and the more recent Surface Go. USB-C has some kinks regarding compatibility and standards, but it’s still the most versatile connector out there. There’s a reason almost every other modern PC has it.