New PUBG Performance Update Coming To Xbox One X in November

Srhalo3h ago


“Sony doesn´t allow early access on PS4 by policies so they´re to blame here. You can´t blame the developers who choose Microsoft for been more supportive with their early access program. ”

Well… seems like a pretty good idea to me… Sony’s games have been incredibly polished this gen. Unlike Xbox where Sea of Thieves was 25% of a game and State of Decay was panned across the board for being buggy and PUBG nearly a year later is still having graphical options removed and getting performance patches not to mention the fact that the game on the base model console is barely even in a playable state with terrible frame rate even with super low graphical fidelity.

So while Microsoft’s games release in beta state Sony’s games are AAA quality, polished, finished and highly respected games with review scores that praise them across the board.

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