These X-rays of zoo animals are extraordinarily creepy

There’s always something slightly sinister and ghostly about X-ray images, showing the white bones and dark shadows within us. 

But this set of animal X-rays from the Oregon Zoo in Portland are taking ghostly to a new level.

The Oregon Zoo posted a Twitter thread of X-ray images taken at health check-ups at the zoo’s veterinarian. It’s pretty fascinating to see the insides of some of the zoo’s inhabitants.

The Rodrigues flying fox is actually a pretty cute looking type of bat, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at this X-ray.

We didn’t really need to see what the insides of a massive constrictor looked like, but okay. 

What do you know, the beaver’s tail actually has a big bone in it?

Look at that BEAK.

Do a turtle next, please. What are they hiding under that shell?

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