Aukey’s KM-G3 is a great entry-level mechanical gaming keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the kind of product the adage “you get what you pay for” was created to describe. The best cost $200 or more. Quality gets pretty hit-or-miss once you dip below the $100 range. And at less than $75 you can assume you’re getting something from the bargain bin. Luckily, there’s a little-known company named Aukey quietly changing that with its pretty-damn-good $65 KM-G3.

The KM-G3 is a blue switch (Outemu, not Cherry MX), 104-Key RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Customizable Lighting Effects. What that means for non-techies is that it’s a loud, semi-stiff keyboard that’s way better than the stock keyboard that comes with most desktops. And, of course, it lights up. Because gamers love lights.

Actually, Aukey uses the lights on the KM-G3 to excellent effect. They’re well-implemented, and I enjoyed the fact that the colors, brightness, and effects are all handled with simple keyboard shortcuts, no software needed.

But let’s start with the looks, then we’ll get into the technical side of things. The KM-G3’s design is pretty familiar: