Check out these new colors for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9

  • Mobile industry leaker Evan Blass just tweeted a pic of a Galaxy S9 Plus and a Galaxy Note 9 in new colors.
  • The Galaxy S9 Plus is in Polaris Blue and the Note 9 is in Alpine White.
  • There’s no word on which markets will see these new colors or when they might arrive.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a few months old already, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 is even older. However, Samsung is still working on new ways to sell the smartphones as it appears there are two new colors coming sometime soon.

Mobile industry leaker Evan Blass (@EVLeaks) just tweeted out an image of a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus next to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy S9 Plus is in a new color Blass calls Polaris Blue, and the Note 9 is in a color he calls Alpine White.

Check out the tweet and the image below:

Interestingly, Samsung launched a white variant of the Galaxy Note 9 only a week ago. However, that white is called First Snow White and is exclusive to Taiwan. Although the color schemes look remarkably similar, this Alpine White must be something different.

Blass doesn’t clarify which markets will get these as-yet-unreleased color variants, nor does he say when they will launch. However, it’s nice to know that if you were upset you couldn’t get the First Snow White variant of the Note 9 and wished the Galaxy S9 came in a color similar to the Note 9’s Ocean Blue, you might have similar options soon.

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