Google’s astounding Night Sight is now available for all Pixel phones

When Google announced its Pixel 3 devices, one of the most intriguing features was Night Sight – the ability to take pictures in ultra-dark situations. Sadly, the feature wasn’t available right away. Now, Night Sight is finally rolling out to all Pixel phones through an update to the camera app. We’ll take a look at how to use it, some results, and how it works.


How to use it

If you own a Pixel phone, first, you need to update the camera app. Then head to the More section and select “Night Sight”.  You can start snapping photos right away. Once you press the shutter button, it will take anything in between 2 to 6 seconds for the camera to capture and process the photo.

On the Pixel 3, there is a selection for manual focus with Far and Near options, to improve autofocus ability based on the distance of the object from the lens.


Google has made some serious progress in the computational photography field. Night Sight is a prime example of that. The company claims that Night Sight is designed to take photos at extremely low-light levels. I’ve been using Night for nearly 24 hours and the results are impressive.

Credit: Ivan Mehta