I wish Moshi’s Avanti Air headphones sounded as good as they look

The premium headphone market is crowded. There are not only boatlands of brands battling for your earholes, but some very established companies (think Sennheiser, Sony or Bose) who suck up a lot of market share.

Well, one of the latest companies to enter the ring is Moshi. It’s hoping that its Avanti Air on-ear, wireless headphones will earn it a foothold in the space.

Sorry, Moshi?

Yep. The company made its name with phone cases and battery packs. Business shifting from accessories to headphones isn’t new (like Anker), but these tend to be on the budget end.

Moshi’s Avanti Air headphones – which retail for $300 – are aiming a bit higher.

What do they look like?