Best true wireless earbuds: the best truly wireless AirPod alternatives around

True wireless vs wireless: what’s the difference?

True Wireless headphones – those that you see in this guide – have no cord whatsoever. While wireless allows us to wear headphones a few feet away from our music players, True Wireless cuts the cord between the earbuds, giving us true freedom.

Wireless headphones have existed for some time now, basically since Bluetooth as a standard was invented. Though battery powered and not physically connected to your phone, they have a cord connecting both buds – and sometimes a band around the neck too. If you don’t want to drop the cables completely, check our best wireless earbuds guide

Wires have their faults – they get tangled, get caught, and slap your neck while working out. That might be why you’re looking for the best true wireless earbuds around, and we’re here to help.

The days of wireless earbuds offering sound quality and design that’s inferior to their wired counterparts are how firmly behind us, and you can now get a serious audio experience on the go without any wires.

The latest true wireless earbuds not only sound just as good as their wired equivalents, but they’ve become just as reliable thanks to major improvements in Bluetooth 4.0 and other wireless technologies.

True wireless headphones may be a bit more expensive, sure, but that additional upfront cost pays for the convenience of living cable-free. 

If you’re ready to take the jump, read on for our picks.

Apple AirPods

The ones to beat – Apple’s own true wireless buds

Acoustic design: Open-back | Weight: 4g (38g with case) | Cable length: N/A | Driver type: Dynamic **Battery life (on-board):** 5 hours | Battery life (charging case): 20 hours | Wireless range: 10m | NFC: No

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