PS4’s Dreams Beta Starts Soon; Here’s How To Get Access

Media Molecule has been working on Dreams for a little while now, and it’s finally ready to show more of the game off to the general public. The developer will hold a beta for the PS4 title in January, with sign ups going live December 19.

The beta itself begins “the week of January 8,” Media Molecule explains in a blog post, but invites will be sent out in waves. If you’re on the developer’s mailing list, you can register your interest now; others must wait until January 4 to sign up for the beta. Note that signing up does not guarantee you access: “Though we cannot guarantee space for everyone, we will try our best,” Media Molecule states. The trial will remain open through January 21.

Media Molecule says the purpose of this test period is to gather player feedback on Dreams’ tutorials and creative tools, among other things. For this reason, the game’s Story Mode is not included in the beta. To maintain the game’s surprises until its final launch date, beta participants will be required to fill out an NDA and therefore won’t be able to share screenshots, impressions, or videos publicly. However, the developer says its plan is for your creations to carry over to the final game.

We don’t yet know Dreams’ PS4 release date–the closest we have to a release window is simply “2019.” The game has a similar focus on player creation as Media Molecule’s best-known franchise, LittleBigPlanet–you can even make a battle royale-style game inside Dreams.

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