Energous’ wireless tech inches us closer to charging gadgets over-the-air

San Jose-based Energous is working on something you want in your gadgets, but can’t see – over-the-air wireless charging. The company’s been working on its WattUp technology – which beams power across distances of up to a meter from charging stations straight to your devices – for a few years now. At this year’s CES, it’s showing off the chips that make it happen, as well as a few products from partners that have them built in, and are either seeking or have received FCC approval.

The roster of supported products from third parties include Vuzix’ Blade smart glasses, and hearing aid-like audio amplification devices by Delight. CNET reported the company also brought prototypes of a smartwatch, a wireless car remote, and headphones with wireless charging capabilities to CES.

Credit: Vuzix