Meizu’s ‘holeless’ device isn’t the future of phones – it’s the future of phone advertising

Did you hear about the Meizu Zero? Chillingly described as “holeless,” the device has made headlines for, uh, having no holes. This means no headphone jack, no speaker grills, and no slot for a SIM card. If you’re interested in details about the phone in general, we covered it here, but this piece has a different aim.

We want answers. Specifically, we want answers to these two questions : is the Meizu Zero feasible and is it the future of phones?

The quick answers? Yes and sort of.

So, is the Meizu Zero possible?

Honestly? I was dubious. On the press release I received there wasn’t even a launch date, which immediately made me suspicious. But instead of just rinsing the device for 500 words, I decided to ask a proper expert. I called up Daniel Gleeson, a senior analyst at Ovum who specializes in consumer electronic devices like smartphones, and tablets. He told me that that the Meizu Zero is “definitely feasible.” More fool me, I guess.

Gleeson pointed out that handsets with wireless charging and no headphone jacks already exist, while eSIM is “slowly, but surely” making its way into the market. This means that the Meizu Zero “holeless” (ugh) phone isn’t doing anything too out there.

This isn’t to say there aren’t serious problems with the phone though. Gleeson pointed out that eSIM adoption is “pretty terrible,” particularly in China, which is Meizu’s main market. Why? Because eSIM isn’t supported by any of the operators.