The UAW’s latest move to intensify pressure on GM to save plants

DETROIT — The UAW is increasing its efforts to persuade General Motors not to end production at four U.S. plants in 2019.

The union this week released two videos on social media, with promises of more videos and other efforts on the way, according to UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg.

“The UAW has said we are not going to leave any stone unturned,” he said on Tuesday. “It’s ongoing and will continue.”

While the union has protested GM in public, launched a letter writing campaign and previously released similar videos in response to the automaker’s plans, the ones this week are more clean-cut and targeted.

The first features union leaders, including UAW President Gary Jones and the union’s vice presidents, discussing the UAW’s support for the automaker during its 2009 bankruptcy. They all hold up signs that read: “GM: We invested in you. Now it’s your turn to invest in US.”

While the first video attempts to pull at emotional heart strings, the second is far more aggressive and targeted — characterizing GM’s recent decisions as greedy and unnecessary. It compares GM’s expected production in Mexico and the U.S. against Ford Motor Co.’s through 2020.

Citing WardsAuto production forecast data, the video states 32 percent of GM’s North American production will come from Mexico during that time, while Ford is at 7 percent. That compares with 82 percent for Ford in the U.S. and 61 percent for GM.

“Their production decisions are about greed not industry trends,” states the video. “GM and Ford both face the same industry trends, but Ford has made different choices.”

WardsAuto did not immediately respond to confirm the data cited by the UAW.

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