LG V50 ThinQ leaks with Sprint 5G branding

We’re just over a week from LG’s event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 24, where the LG G8 will be publicly unveiled — not that LG hasn’t already been promoting tons of G8 features already. With all the G8 details we’ve seen, it may seem like there won’t be much to announce day-of, but maybe LG’s getting out more G8 details early so that they can devote more event time to another phone: the LG V50 ThinQ, which has leaked again, in full carrier branding this time.

That’s not a particularly great shade of gold for the 5G logo on the back of that phone, but hey, it’s Sprint. This leak from Evan Blass looks like a promotional press render for Sprint to show off as it keeps hyping up its 5G buildup — like every other carrier in 2019. We first heard reports out of Korea at the end of Lanuary that the LG V50 would be unveiled alongside the G8, with the phone launching on Sprint in March.

Granted, Sprint has only planned to bring 5G to 9 cities in the first half of 2019, but hey, if you’re going to sell 5G networking, you need to have phones that can use it, don’t you? In any event, we’ll see what’s what at LG’s event on February 24 in Barcelona.

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