What game did you quit because it was too grindy?

Segata40m ago

AC Odyssey back in November. I was level 34 and don’t remember the chapter. Last month I got in the mood to just play it for a couple hours. Next thing I knew I played a couple more chapters. My level increased a bit and kept going. Couple weeks later. I got the best ending for the story. Became an S1 Merc with Abraxis,killed all Mythical creatures and the Atlantis Quest. Fully upgraded my spear. Killed all cult members. Discovered every region and every ? on the map. I pretty much did everything nearly. Sure some side quests are left but I did a bunch of those as well.

I left the game again after being level 56. I have the Cerbus armor skin and ride Abraxix horse with the ferrymen crew and the grim reaper boat and figurehead. I think the grind up to that level 34 felt like a lot. It was but I didn’t know is right around there is where the game becomes less and less so esp taking down forts and side quests.

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