Days Gone ‘not that different from Syphon Filter’ says Sony Bend creative director

DrumBeat14m ago(Edited 10m ago)

I’m not “trying to shit on the game” but I am a bit skeptical. Also, when people compare this to God of War in tech showcase terms, I can only believe they’re purposely fluffing or that they’re insane.

Believe me, I WANT this game to be good. I want to pre-order it now. Post-apocalyptia, open-world, idyllic setting, etc. I’m seeing a lot I like, but some things do give me doubt. I WISH I could scream “Day One!” with the rest of you, but I’m not going to do that because I CAN’T do that.

If I were trolling, I’d come in, leave a nasty one-liner, and leave; I wouldn’t put this much effort into my thoughts. I have every right to express my skepticism and every right to disagree, fervently, with those that compare this visually to God of War.

Edit: If you’re so confident, what do you care what I express? Enjoy your anticipation. I can’t stop you.

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