I wanted to fold Huawei’s foldable phone but they wouldn’t let me

After reading and writing pieces about foldable phones for months, I finally got to try Huawei‘s extravagant Mate X foldable phone.

I used the phone for a couple of minutes at the company’s briefing in India, and it was a very cool experience. However, there was one catch: I didn’t get to actually fold it.

As my colleague Matt has mentioned in his story, the Mate X looks incredible – both in it’s folded and unfolded avatars. In my couple of minutes with the phone, I felt the phone’s build is quite massive and bulky (it weighs 295 grams), making the one-handed usage very difficult.

The device has a flexible OLED panel that uses plastic instead of the glass, so the device is super-reflective as you can see in the picture below. Unfortunately, the screen wasn’t as responsive as the average smartphone today – mostly due to the fact Huawei used plastic for the screen.