Shazam Movie Reaction Roundup: First Twitter Reviews Are Here And They’re Pretty Great

Shazam, the next DC Entertainment movie, won’t be in theaters for almost a month. However, the film has screened for select members of the press and the reactions should be enough to get you excited about the origin story of Billy Batson.

Practically across the board, the social media reviews of the film are incredibly positive. According to GameSpot’s own Mike Rougeau, “it’s the best DCEU movie to date. It’s super fun, has a ton of heart, feels like a self-aware throwback to adventure movies of the ’80s, the cast are all great, and everything about it just works!”

That’s a sentiment shared by many, including io9’s Germain Lussier, who wrote, “The humor & action you’d expect from a superhero film are there, but [Shazam] stands out because of the emotional, family story at its center.” While Lussier notes there are some minor issues with the film, “the family stuff is dynamic & powerful.” ET Online’s Ash Crossan agreed, tweeting, “Pure of heart, incredibly funny, full of in-jokes and references. Brought me a childlike joy to watch.”

According to Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta, the movie is “parts Home Alone, parts Big, a [crowd-pleasing] family-friendly joy-filled wish-fulfillment superhero film which gets a bit over the top and cheesy at times.” Meanwhile, reporter Rosie Marx concluded Shazam is “sweet, funny, inclusive, charming. It encapsulates the wish fulfillment and wonder of superhero comics in a way that will appeal to kids whilst being filled with [non-stop] surprises for big comic book fans too.”

You’ll be able to see for yourself what kind of movie Shazam is when it hits theaters on April 5. In the meantime, take a look at even more Twitter reactions below.

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