Twitter app’s dark mode gets even darker with an OLED-ready update

The shroud of darkness that’s blanketing our smart devices continues as Twitter announces a new ‘lights out’ update to the app’s existing dark mode, bringing a truly black background to your feed instead of a dark blue one – perfect for OLED displays.

The official Twitter account has also changed its profile photo, header photo, and bio to reflect its new all-black option.

The update is rolling out now for iOS devices, though non-iPhone/iPad users will have to wait a little longer – a Twitter rep has told Engadget that the new lights out mode will roll out on Android and the web “soon”.

To apply lights out mode to your iOS Twitter app, simply open the ‘settings and privacy menu’, tap on ‘display and sound’, flip the ‘dark mode’ toggle to ‘on’ (if it isn’t already) and you should see a new ‘lights out’ option appear in the dark mode’s sub menu. The old dark mode is still available, though it’s now labeled as ‘dim’.

Given OLED’s unique ability to only light up the pixels that are visible, the new lights out mode should result in additional battery life for iPhone X and iPhone XS devices. It’s also expected to reduce eye strain.

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