Vivo confirms Android Pie for Q4 2018, may land on Vivo X21 first

Vivo has confirmed the Android 9.0 Pie update will roll out to its users later this year. In an email, Vivo told Android Authority that consumers can expect the update in Q4 2018, though it didn’t provide a more precise time frame.

Vivo also didn’t discuss which devices would receive the update, but the Vivo X21 (above) seems likely (we enquired about that handset specifically).

The pop-up camera-wielding Vivo Nex could also be among the first Vivo devices to get the new Android version.

In response to our questions on when we could expect Pie, Vivo said:

Designing for consumers’ needs continues to be Vivo’s top priority. Upgrading to the latest Android Pie operating system to deliver better mobile experience is therefore an area Vivo is working on bringing to consumers as soon as possible.

Few other manufacturers have publicly discussed the new Android version, which launched on Monday, though Essential rolled it out to the Essential Phone soon after the announcement.

To find out everything you need to know about Android Pie, don’t miss our handy guide at the link.

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